List of Co-Sponsors


Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and intelligent informatics (SOFT)
Kobe Convention & Visitors Association (MEET IN KOBE 21st Century)
The Nakauchi Foundation 


Technical Co-Sponsors 

The Korean Institute of Intelligent Systems (KIIS)
IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (IEEE CIS)
IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society (IEEE SMC)
The International Fuzzy Systems Association (IFSA)
North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society (NAFIPS)
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) [pending approval]


In Cooperation with

International Association for Fuzzy-set Management and Economy (SIGEF)
Taiwanese Association for Artificial Intelligence (TAAI)
IEEE CIS Japan Chapter
IEEE CIS Korean Chapter
IEEE SMC Japan Chapter
IEEE SMC Hiroshima Chapter

The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan (化学工学会)
Society for Tourism Informatics (観光情報学会)
The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (計測自動制御学会)
The Institute of Systems, Control and Information Engineers
The Japan Association for Social and Economic Systems Studies
Information Processing Society of Japan (情報処理学会)
The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (人工知能学会)
Japanese Association for Mathematical Sociology (数理社会学会)
The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan (電気学会)
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
Japan Society of Civil Engineers (土木学会)
Japan Association for Medical Informatics (日本医療情報学会)
The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (日本応用数理学会)
The Operations Research Society of Japan
(日本 オペレーションズ・リサーチ学会)
Japanese Academy of Facial Studies (日本顔学会)
Japan Society of Kansei Engineering (日本感性工学会)
The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (日本機械学会)
Japan Society for Educational Technology (日本教育工学会)
Japan Industrial Management Association (日本経営工学会)
Japan Association for Management Systems (日本経営システム学会)
The Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science
Atomic Energy Society of Japan (日本原子力学会)
Architectural Institute of Japan (日本建築学会)
The Behaviormetric Society of Japan (日本行動計量学会)
Japanese Neural Network Society (日本神経回路学会)
The Japanese Psychological Association (日本心理学会)
The Mathematical Society of Japan (日本数学会)
Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering (日本生体医工学会)
The Society for Biotechnology, Japan (日本生物工学会)
The Japan Research Association for Textile End-Uses
Japanese Society for the Science of Design (日本デザイン学会)
Japan Ergonomics Society (日本人間工学会)
The Virtual Reality Society of Japan (日本バーチャルリアリティ学会)
The Robotics Society of Japan (日本ロボット学会)
Biomedical Fuzzy Systems Association
Human Interface Society (ヒューマンインタフェース学会)
The Japanese Society for Evolutionary Computation (進化計算学会)
Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute (ファジィシステム研究所)