Instruction for Poster Preparation

Please prepare your own poster accordingly to the following information. Questions and concerns should be directed to Hiromi Ban, the Exhibition Committee Chair, via E-mail (

1. Printing -- by yourself.

The conference will NOT provide any printing service for any poster presentation. Under very special circumstance (e.g. failure to acquire visa while planning to participate), the committee may (or may not) consider printing and posting on your behalf. Please contact the Exhibition Committee Chair for details.

2. Size -- fitting in 1200mm(W) x 2100mm(H)

This is the size where you can place your poster. Of course, you may prepare the poster on any sheet(s), e.g. A4/Letter, A3, A2, A1, and A0 within this area.

3. Setting up on the board -- by yourself until 13:40 on Dec. 7.

You MUST show your poster(s) on the board NO LATER THAN 13:40 on December 7th. The place of poster presentation will be open at the Poster Session Area, on the 3rd floor. You can set up your poster(s) from 8:50 on December 7th. The conference provides tapes for tacking up the poster on the board. All the poster should be fastened with only the provided thumbtacks.

4. Schedule -- 14:40-15:40 on Dec. 7

You should stand by your poster(s) during this period to explain the contents to the audience. You may take a break on your own responsibility (e.g., for not missing the poster award evaluation).

5. Removal from the board -- by yourself from 15:55.

You MUST remove your poster(s) AFTER 15:55 on Dec. 7. The conference will remove all the boards around 16:30 on Dec. 7. Any leftover posters will be disposed.

6. Time for Posting Poster

Mandatory time for posting poster: 13:40-15:55 on Dec. 7. Possible time for posting poster: 8:50-15:55 on Dec. 7.