SCIS&ISIS2018 Best Paper Award

Paper ID: 289
Sotetsu Suzugamine, Takeru Aoki, Keiki Takadama, and Hiroyuki Sato
"A Study on a Cortical Learning Algorithm Dynamically Adjusting Columns and Cells"

SCIS&ISIS2018 Best Application Award

Paper ID: 136
Chu-Yu Chin, Sun-Yuan Hsieh, and Vincent S. Tseng
"Effective Risk Assessment of Type 2 Diabetes Using Diagnostic Information Retrieval"

SCIS&ISIS2018 Best Student Presentation Award

Presentation ID: Fr1-2-2
Mayuko Sato
"Total Optimization of Smart City by Multi-population Global-best Modified Brain Storm Optimization"

Presentation ID: Th3-3-1
Rarasmaya Indraswari
"3D Region Merging for Segmentation of Teeth on Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Images"

Presentation ID: Th5-3-3
Asmat Ali
"Large Scale Image Dataset Construction Using Distributed Crawling with Hadoop YARN"

Presentation ID: Fr6-3-1
Piya Limcharoen
"Gait recognition using double-window and CNN classification on freestyle walks"

SCIS&&ISIS2018 with ISWS2018 Poster Session Award

Poster ID: po-15
Kaido Iwamoto, Tohru Iwasaki, and Tetsuo Furukawa
"Visualization of User-item Rating Matrix by Hierarchical Tensor SOM Network"

ISWS2018 Best Paper Award

Paper ID: 360
Toshihiko Watanabe
"Selection Strategies for Fuzzy LMedS Algorithm Based on Reinforcement Learning"

ISWS2018 Best Student Presentation Award

Presentation ID: Fr2-1-4
Yuto Irie
"A Preliminary Study of Michigan-style Fuzzy Genetics-based Machine Learning for Class Incremental Problems"

IEEE CIS Japan Chapter Young Researcher Award

Paper ID: 230, Presentation ID: Fr4-2-3
Kana Fukui
"A Perfusion System for Autonomous Energy Control of the Living Neuronal Circuit"

Paper ID: 166, Presentation ID: Th4-1-2
Shotaro Furuta
"Efficient User-Searching of Hearing-Dog Robot in consideration of user's Life Rhythm"